Photoshoot information David J. Cerven Athlete Photography, St. Louis photographer specializing in athlete portraits and senior portraits.

Your Session: Part 1 The Photoshoot Process
Your Session: Part 2
 1. Our first step in booking your session is to understand that the images we create are truly a work of art and a lot of effort goes into creating them. I require a $500 session retainer fee to start our collaboration. The average total cost for a photoshoot is around $2000. We will schedule the consultation when the retainer is received. Please fill out your information on the contact page to receive a magazine with more details. 2. During our consultation at my studio in Brentwood, we will plan out our photoshoot as well as any other services you may want to include (such as video, game coverage, or recruiting packages to be sent to college coaches). We will also get the dates booked for both the photo session and in-studio image viewing. 3. You will collect all of the necessary items (discussed during the consultation) for the photoshoot, including wardrobe, uniforms, sports equipment, etc. 4. We have a great time doing an amazing photoshoot! My sessions run about two hours, starting with senior portraits followed by a longer set of athlete focused concepts. 5. In about a week after the session, I will post a sneak peek video of your images onto social media. 6. You will come in to our studio for your image viewing and ordering session.

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David J. Cerven Athlete Photography, sports and senior portrait photographer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. We provide photography services for elite athletes, high school seniors, and advertising clients.

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